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Here at, it is my intention to serve YOU.  With God looking over my performance, it is most important for me to serve you WELL.  When working with other school bus dealers around the country, it becomes quickly evident that their concern is profit.  They will tell you anything to complete a deal.  I will be glad to disclose through email which dealers in this country have failed to earn my respect, and will gladly pass on to you the names of dealers who have helped me serve you... should you decide not to purchase a bus from me.

It is my hope that each bus delivered to you comes to you with an accurate description.  It takes more than photos to show a bus.  That is why I give you my word!   It is NEVER my intention to hide anything, nor minimize any problem.  100% satisfaction can only be achieved if I disclose everything I know about the bus.  Nothing will ever be intentionally hidden!


When a bus gets delivered to you, I do the entire delivery, myself.  You get my word, when the bus arrives, that all systems are working perfectly.  Anything that is not working perfectly will be noted.  Since the buses I advertise are fresh from school bus service, it is unlikely that any defects will appear during transporting.  Still, it is possible for a heater motor, electrical switch, or other accessory to fail.  It is also possible for a flat tire along the way, or perhaps a fan belt will come off.  During the delivery, should any problem occur, I will do my best to repair the defect at as low a price as possible.  At my low, wholesale price as given on this website, and with my incredibly low price of delivery set at just $.65/mile, any cost of repairs along the way become the responsibility of the new owner.

When you choose to have me deliver a bus to you, you get more than just the delivery.  When the bus arrives, I will gladly go over it with you.  You will learn how to operate all the accessories on the bus.  You will learn how to check the fluid levels, change the oil, grease the chassis, air up the tires, adjust the brakes, and whatever else you wish to learn.  Servicing the bus, yourself, can save you considerable money.  I want you to enjoy your bus to it's fullest.  That means your bus will need to be properly serviced throughout it's life.  It has enjoyed perfect servicing since new, and deserves perfect servicing until it retires.  This way, it will give back to you perfect service!

A photo-filled blog will even be kept during the trip, giving you exact details of how the trip is going, plus allowing you to follow the journey across this great country of ours.  Most of my buses travel 1000 miles or more before reaching their destination.


In some cases, I ask for a deposit to hold a bus until it is released from the school district.  I ask this because it is expected the bus will be sold prior to the release date.  I travel the entire USA looking for unique and wonderful buses.  Many of the buses I get are "hard to find" units which are much sought-after by the school bus conversion community.  Other buses have incredible export potential and can bring much more money on the export market than what I am asking here.  My goal with this website is to bring you the very best buses at the very best prices.  If profit was my sole purpose, I would be glad to export all my buses for big money.  However, my goal is to help church groups, non-profit groups, and other community providers to overcome the high prices of other dealers whose sole purpose in life is to make a profit.  Integrity is worth more than wealth to me!

Deposits can be made via PayPal, direct deposit into my bank account, or by personal check, cash, money order, or whichever way best satisfies you.  Once a deposit is received, you will be emailed a CONTRACT stating our agreement.  This CONTRACT will describe all terms of the agreement in layman's terms, easy to understand, and complete in all details.  Your deposit will be held as your promise to purchase the stated bus, and as my promise to deliver you the bus as stated.  At the time of purchase, if the bus fails to meet my description and an agreement cannot be reached for you to purchase the bus, your deposit will be refunded.  If for some reason you are unable to complete the transaction at the time payment in full is due, the bus will be sold to someone else.  At the time of this resale, your deposit will be returned.


It is possible for you to make payments on any bus you see on my website.  Generally, a 50% deposit is accepted.  The balance is divided into six (6) equal amounts.  This amount is due each month for six (6) months, until payment is received in full.  There is no interest charged.  Once payment in full is received, the bus can be delivered to you.  If you choose to have me deliver the bus, payment for delivery is also due prior to making the delivery.  In 2005, nearly half of the buses I sold were sold on some sort of payment plan, so do not hesitate to ask.  My SOLE purpose for having this website is to help you get into the bus of your choice.

I promise to serve God by serving you.  My word is my honor.  If I fail in any way to tell the truth, to misrepresent any bus, or to neglect stating an important fact that I know to be true, I will close this website and stop selling school buses.  This promise is to God.  I will do my best for Him.  He, in turn, takes care of me.

I promise to take your deposit or monthly payments as a gesture of love, faith and kindness.  I will never take your trust for granted.  I am here to serve you, through Jesus Christ, and your trust in me will come through the blessings of the Holy Spirit.  Though I am Christian, I serve ALL religions.  There is but one God!

I promise to accept monthly payments, if that helps you get into a better bus or into the bus of your dreams.  Whether you are a church group, non-profit group, a commercial interest, or a private party wishing to purchase a bus for conversion, it is my pleasure to be able to offer you the opportunity to make payments.  There is no credit check involved.  Only trust!

Thank you and God Bless.